Sonntag, 17. Juli 2011

Fall for you tonight, but I was always a day too late...

But hold your breath because tonight will be the night 

that I will fall for you over again
Don't make me change my mind or I wont live to see another dayI swear it's true because a girl like you is impossible to findIt's impossible
- "Fall for You" by Secondhand Serenade -

Tonight I've fallen and I can't get up
I need your loving hands to come and pick me upAnd every night I miss you, I can just look upAnd know the stars are Holding you, holding you, holding you tonight
- "Tonight" by FM Static -

And now that i want you you’re moving on 
I tried to call you but nobody‘s home I didnt know this, Till you went away I’m always a day too late 
- "Always a day too late" by Claude Kelly"

You don't have to call anymore, I won't pick up the phone
This is the last straw, don't want to hurt anymoreAnd you can tell me that you're sorryBut I don't believe you baby like I did beforeYou're not sorry
- "You're not sorry" by Taylor Swift -


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