Dienstag, 21. Juni 2011

Liebe ist wunderschön, aber nicht immer...

The heart-beating Thing

Tears rolling over my cheek
When I think about you
My heart makes a jump and break
I never stop this feeling
My world is now up and down
You make me so crazy
Even I Know, you don’t
Feel the same
The heart beating thing
I feel for you

Verse 1

Now I’m standing there
Behind the cold window
Starring at the outside
Don’t know to arrange my thoughts
Watch how snowflakes
Are falling down like
Little fairies dancing in the wind


Verse 2

You don’t know what’s on my mind
I never say a word to you
That describes the feeling of mine
My heart made a looping
When I looked in your eyes
And the words can’t go out of my mouth
So I hope that you see on day
What I’m feeling for you


Verse 3

Deep inside my
If feel my heart beating
I’m not able to stand on my own
Whenever I see you
I wish I just could fall into your arms
In hope you would kiss me
And wipe the tears in my face away


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