Dienstag, 23. November 2010

A song ♥

Disease called Love
Strophe 1
A Feeling like thousand, little butterflies
flutter in your belly
Never felt like this before
When you’re just happy every time
And see life with different eyes
You could hug the whole, big world
For the first time
So tell me, what is this…

It’s so easy to say
This is L-O-V-E
A disease called love
Your feelings going crazy
You’re floating on cloud nine
See everything through pink glasses
In each single minute you feel
That it’s L-O-V-E
Love, love, love a disease
Makes you feel like sitting in
highest rollercoaster
with LO-V-E
oh Love

Strophe 2
It makes you sick, makes you cry
Let you feel so bad like never
Ever in your life before
Teardrops roll over your face
Your heart just broke
You were hurt so much
Cause your love wasn’t reciprocated
He fell in love with another girl
And let you sit there alone and cry cause…


Strophe 3
It’s an up and down
Of feelings
One second you feel sadly and are disappointed
And the next moment you could
Jump cause you’re so happy
It’s a roller-coaster ride
And even if you think it’s just go down
Don’t despair and think positive
Some time it will go high and higher
And you feel like the happiest girl in world


Love makes you happy
And sad at the same time
But that’s L-O-V-E
A disease
Called Love

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